This is the only official site of: Holy Mother Starlight Devi - Living British Avatar

The word avatar is a sanskrit and means the appearance of a god in a human or animal form, whilst avatara means, ‘a going down’ i.e. a descent into matter. Starlight Devi is a mother of Unconditional Love and Compassion who has come to heal, bless and teach: to work for peace and understanding.

Holy Mother’s message is dispensed in many ways. Through her books, her quotes, videos whilst her profound energy can be felt during Easter Darshan, the Spiritual Bliss Experience and her paintings. Holy mother was not born with her avatar abilities and had to work to achieve them the same as anyone else would. At the age of 3 she had and experience in which she understood that G-d was the only reality but it was another 30 years before she could hear His voice and almost as many again before she completely finished her spiritual training which left her with the ability to extend life and to create and generate bone and soft tissue. She uses these hard won skills to treat those who are seriously ill, have ran out of hope and often time as well.

Holy Mother’s Path has not been easy. Subject to physical and sexual abuse, total repression by her parents who denied her a good education or any creative outlet, nor allowed her to have friends, she grew up with no self-confidence. To this can be added hunger and homelessness. But always she says, all this made her understand the suffering of others. Holy Mother trains disciples, gives spiritual guidance and works professionally as an Holistic Consultant. She spends many hours a day working absently for a better world.

She works outside time and space so there is no need to see her personally no matter how serious your condition is.

When you contact Holy Mother Starlight Devi for help, she will immediately hold you in her heart. In this way some people start to feel better before they have even had any treatment!  

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