Why is cancer on the increase?

Cancer has increased steadily in the last 50 years. Towards the end of the 1960’s the figure was approximately 83,000, compared to a little over 331,000 in 2011.

There are many reasons for this. The first is environmental caused by the increase in electrical appliances and mobile transmitters which interrupt our own magnetic field whether we use a mobile phone or not. This has been shown in a study of birds, which cannot use their inner radar when flying over a town and have to navigate by the sun or stars. Studies by Dr Robert Becker, (Cross Currents, pub by Jeremy Tarcher, Los Angeles 1990) and Dr. David Savitz (study commissioned by the New York State Dept of Health into the effects of fields emitted by power lines 1980), showed increases in cancer, especially in children who live near pylons and sub-stations, as well as other effects, such as an increase in miscarriages and children born with Down’s syndrome where there are a large number of mobile transmitters. The use of the microwave is another one, as when super-heated, the foods cells explode in the same way as a cancer cell.

And if we are unfortunate enough to have a job which entails the use of the computer all day, than placing a large programmed *amethyst crystal will help to absorb EMF’s.

Another cause is our life style. Before the 1960’s we lived a quieter life and were more content with what we had. This I can attest to myself remembering my childhood clearly in the 1950’s. Even in the towns the pace of life was slower. My mother bought food fresh everyday on her way home from work; the shopkeepers knew everyone and always had time for a word, not rushing us through the checkout so we don’t even have time to pack things away properly. And no, we didn’t live in a village, but in Central London!

This lifestyle, along with a diet that is based on frozen food and ready meals, not to mention artificial sweeteners, colours and preservative is slowly killing us.

A further factor is the changing role of *women, many of whom have left their femininity behind to secure that deal in the boardroom. Taking on male energy in this way will damage them, as it will men who no longer honour women, where marriage is no longer a sacred institution, and this has led to a rise in prostate cancer while in women it tends to affect the breasts or ovaries, especially where there has been sexual abuse and they have mentally cut off that part of themselves in disgust. Apart from binning the mobile phone and the microwave, we need to re-think our lifestyle, to ensure that we do not end up as a statistic.

I have only touched briefly on some of the reasons why people get cancer; there are other factors such as resentment which sours our whole system and karma from past lives and many others. But all is not lost. If you are unfortunate enough to already suffer from cancer, there are holistic treatments such as homoeopathy and herbal medicine as well as spiritual healing. Finding the key to your condition is paramount and one may need to re-think one’s whole philosophy of life and in this respect I may be able to offer help and advice.

Meanwhile, you may find the following helpful.

*For women my e-book Ladies Only.

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