Starlight's Teachings

Starlight propounds G-d's teachings at their simplest and purest, which can be found in her free e-book, Soul Journey.

She re-iterates Jesus' exhortation, that we should, 'love one another,' explains why we should, how to accomplish this and what happens when we don't.

Her teachings help us to feel and understand that we are not insignificant grains of sand, useless and worthless, but individual spirits, created by G-d, with a significant part to play in His eternal creation.

Starlight says, 'eternity is now, not a future condition,' she says that she knows this because she herself has experienced not only the Bliss of the Divine, but also of the eternal state.

Like the 613 Laws of Moses, which gave rules for every area of life, so Starlight's teaching is that of not only esoteric wisdom, but practical spirituality for everyday living, 'which,' she says, 'in today's society, is needed more than ever.'

Starlight says, 'we existed in a perfect state before we took on incarnations and we will all return to that state at some point in our spiritual evolution - no one is beyond redemption', as people who have gone to her for help can attest to. All are treated to her unconditional love.

Starlight says, 'in order to progress we must be humble before G-d and rid ourselves of the ego, the 'I' that blames others, the 'I' that is always looking for revenge, the 'I' that takes offence and is attached to titles, academic achievements and the accumulation of wealth for its own sake. Actions towards us that are unloving are either reflections of ourselves or to test us.

'We need to understand ourselves in order to understand the people and situations that surround us and take responsibility for our own lives and actions. Blaming G-d or others is of no avail.

'And in your darkest moments, remember that G-d loves you, even if you cannot feel it at the time, He is always there, waiting for you to reach out to Him'.

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