Karmic Arbitration


Most of us have watched courtroom dramas on TV.  You know the sort of thing I mean where barristers (or lawyers if it’s American), strut their stuff.  The opposing sides may as well shake hands and utter, ‘may the best man win’ to each other because it’s a sport, or rather, that’s what it boils down to.  The winner is the one with the best rhetoric, the best arguments.  What happened to truth and forensic evidence?  Well the evidence is there, but what is made of it depends on the two stars of the performance, and I am not talking about the witnesses or the defendant.

A barrister will defend a guilty person and get him off if he can.  He has to.  His reputation depends on it.  As to the prosecuting counsel, to him (or her) it is just a job, it’s what they get paid for.  What ever happened to the truth?  Don’t ask!

This, of course, is an appalling state of affairs and unfortunately not set to change in the foreseeable future. In reality what should happen is for someone (or a group of people), who is honest and ethical and with enough insight to know the situation from a karmic point of view, to decide on the truth or innocence and make the necessary recommendations.

We have all heard of innocent people going to jail and eventually proving it,  being released ten or twenty years later, but were they innocent or did they commit a crime in a past life and get away with it, or worse, made sure that another person got the blame?Only someone with true insight could give the answer and dispense what I would call, true justice.

In civil matters how would it work?  Say for example a woman with three sons, one of whom is married, dies and leaves her money to her only daughter-in-law.  The three sons contest the will.  Karmically say that in a previous life the family relationships were the same and the three sons conspired to poison their mother slowly so that it looked as if she died from a debilitating illness.  They do not get caught.  The daughter-in-law, unaware of the situation, nurses her mother-in-law with love and kindness until the end.  In this case it is right for the sons to be done out of the money bearing in mind their past karma and the daughter-in-law deserves to get it for her faithful services of the past.

Of course, the judicial system is not ready for karmic arbitration, not least of all because it would mean that courts and barristers, not to mention solicitors, would not be needed in the way they are today and many of them would be out of a job, but I am sure there are plenty of businesses and families who would welcome such solutions instead of squabbling over who should have received what in granny’s will – it is not only fair but a lot cheaper than using a solicitor!

Karmic arbitration is available by post, phone, e-mail and, of course, in person.  Terms and conditions on application.

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