Experience Spiritual Bliss and The Presence of G-D

If you are on the spiritual path and regularly meditate, you know how long it takes to get to a level where one can experience Inner Peace and Spiritual Bliss.

To facilitate this, I am offering to send you Spiritual Light which will enhance your feelings of Inner Peace and, depending on where you are on the path, give you the experience of Spiritual Bliss. This, in turn, will quicken your vibrations generally, making you more aware of the blocks that prevent you from moving forward.

By sending you Spiritual Light you will feel deep contentment and spiritual joy, and will move forward into Holiness.

Spiritual Light can be sent not only to individuals but also to Spiritual Development/Meditation/Prayer groups, at times that are mutually convenient, and is available worldwide.

To receive Spiritual Light, all you need to do is sit and meditate or do japa for 45 minutes to an hour.

To arrange this experience or to find out more, simply contact me.


................and The Presence of G-d!

Apart from Experiencing Spiritual Bliss it is also possible to Experience the Presence of G-d.

This would normally only be possible for those who have spent a lifetime in training and devotion to G-d, but because the world no longer believes in Him, He is prepared to manifest His Energy for others to feel, and believe me, that energy is quite unmistakeable!

You can experience His energy with me, or absently alone or in groups.

To arrange either of these experiences or to find out more, simply contact me.

Costs variable.


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