Holistic Treatment for Panic Attacks


There can be any number of factors that cause the above including unresolved trauma from childhood being one of them. Another is a bio-chemical imbalance. In the latter case, drugs and/or a visit to a psychiatrist is going to be a totally unproductive exercise, whilst looking at your diet will be a positive step.

First thing to look at is toxic metals in the system. So that would be aluminium from saucepans and frozen food containers; mercury, cadmium, nickel and lead mainly from tap water but also from fish caught in polluted waters such as shark, swordfish, tuna and bass. Shellfish is another culprit because they usually live in shallow water, so check your sources before you eat it! These poisons could have taken years to build up in your system and so it is important to switch to good bottled spring water, for both cooking and drinking, and if you can’t than install a distiller. If that isn’t possible then your next best option is to get a water filter. You also need to de-tox your system. Dr. Stuart’s liver de-tox tea is good for this, I also do a remedy, part of my Rainbow Range, but if damage has already been done than you would need some treatment to repair it as well, which I can do along with the de-tox process.

Another cause of fear, anxiety and panic attacks can be the lack of Lithium in the system which we always used to get from our water supply before it was tampered with. You can get your hair tested to see if there is a build-up of toxic metals and also to see what is lacking in your diet. Lithium can be found in most dairy products, raw unrefined sugar, seaweed, potatoes, lemons, eggs and mineral water.

What also could be missing from your system to cause these problems are calcium, magnesium, zinc and D3 the sunshine vitamin. Calcium is found in milk, yoghurt and cheese (and is present in the same quantity in low fat products), watercress, Chinese cabbage and collard greens, okra, broccoli, almonds, and fish, especially tinned, provided the tins are not aluminium or if they are, they have a coating on the inside.

Zinc is in most foods, especially meat, shellfish, dairy produce, bread and wheat germ.

Magnesium is in practically everything; leafy greens, seaweed, nuts, seeds, fish, beans, whole grains, avocado, yoghurt, bananas, dried fruit and dark chocolate.

Vitamin D we get from the sun, but not much of it comes our way in the UK. In the winter we need 2 hours a day of winter sun. Not surprising we suffer from depression here whilst in hotter climes they have a ‘sunny’ disposition whilst in the more northern regions, like Lapland there is a high incidence of suicide. Outside of the sun, the best source of vitamin D is cod liver oil, but ensure you get an organic one because the others may well have a high degree of toxicity due to the pollution in our seas. Other sources are beef liver, cheese and egg yolks. If you take a Vit D supplement, ensure you are taking D3 not D2 which can do you more harm than good!

Please note that excess calcium reduces lithium, and soya products inhibit zinc absorption.

Other reasons for fear, anxiety and panic attacks can be due to a build-up of copper in the system in slow oxidizers and the taking of illegal substances such as LSD and cocaine to name just two. Again I can help with this, the standard de-tox will not, I feel, be anywhere near enough and there is of course the problem of brain damage, because like alcohol, toxic metals and illegal substances can kill them off, as does smoking by the way.

If on the other hand the panic attacks are down to childhood trauma, this will need a totally individual approach. Initially the Bach Flower Remedies may be able to help, especially Sweet Chestnut combined with Rescue Remedy. If you have tried this and it hasn’t worked then it is a question of looking at childhood trauma, but this is not the only cause: there are several. If the panic attacks have come on suddenly then it can be due to a low sugar and carb intake. Sudden crash diets are the obvious suspects here and also the reverse, large amounts of white sugar and starch coupled with black coffee, cola and an absence of B vitamins will do the trick. The result could also be feelings of violence.

How do you know if the cause is what you have ingested or something deeply psychological? The answer is, if you have tried the de-tox and sorted your diet and have tried the Bach Remedies and that hasn’t helped or has only alleviated it temporarily, then the cause is deeper.

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