Why We Must Say ‘No’ to GM Food

In the UK, GM food has to be labelled: it is a legal requirement. But there is a loophole in the law which is being taken advantage of. At the moment, GM oils do not have to be labelled; nor does meat from animals fed on GM foodstuffs; nor their produce as in milk, butter, cheese, eggs.. Neither does the labelling include processed food, ready/frozen meals or powdered baby milk formula!

By extension we get corn/maize flour and a myriad of soya products, from oil to milk, flour and textured soya protein. As they are normally included in other preparations, it is more than likely that these ingredients will be genetically modified and unlabelled.

This means, except for organic meat, all meat is suspect unless it is lamb that is labelled, ‘fed on grass only.’ This applies also to dairy products – milk, including skimmed milk powder, butter, margarine, eggs, and cheese. If it isn’t labelled ‘organic,’ it too, is suspect. This list includes processed meat as in pate, bacon, pastrami etc. As GM oils do not have to be labelled then the list of items to avoid includes bread, biscuits, crackers, shop bought cakes, chocolate, mayonnaise, sauces, tinned fish in oil (except olive oil), and some dried fruits which are coated in oil, not to mention miscellaneous items such as egg pasta, ice-cream, custard, trifle, food from the deli counter as in samosas and anything they sell that has been cooked, processed or prepared in any way. A large proportion of frozen meat is genetically modified.

GM oils at the moment are vegetable, corn/maize, rapeseed and soya with plans to produce sunflower and walnut. GM oils are not labelled because they say that the refining process destroys it, but this isn’t the case, as I have worked with people who have been poisoned by GM oil.

This impacts on every area of life because it means you can’t pop out for a coffee, unless you take it black, or for a sandwich; nor eat out at all unless the cafe or restaurant is organic. It is likely that your child’s school meals will also contain GM ingredients unless you can get assurance from their school that they do not.

Some supermarkets declare that their fresh meat is GM free and/or their own brand products. This link http://www.gmfreeze.org/why-freeze/unwanted/where-buy-non-gm-fed/ may help you to decide where to shop as some of us can’t afford organic meat although there are alternatives to meat for calcium, iron and protein, which is what they mainly provide. These items are: nuts, beans, lentils and seaweed, as well as organic eggs and cheese. Peas and broad beans are quite high in protein compared to say carrots. As fish stocks are in decline and so much of our waters are contaminated, it is best to opt for non-animal sources.

This link may also prove useful. www.raw-wisdom.com


Shop GM Free

www.facebook.com/NoToGMOFoods - have issued a book called Shop GM free in the UK but remember that this situation is constantly changing and I suggest you get on to your supermarket and ask them to produce a leaflet which their customers can pick up in store, stating which foods they can guarantee do not contain GM ingredients.

Some supermarkets say that they are committed to GM free food and that it isn’t in their products but if you go onto their sites you will see that it is in some. Waitrose is a case in point. They say, ‘At Waitrose we do not permit the use of GM crops, ingredients or additives…’ but then qualify it by saying which foods are and which might be.


What exactly is GM?

Firstly I will explain what GM is not. If you take two plants such as a yellow rose and a red rose and cross fertilise them to form an orange rose, this is harmless and has been practiced for thousands of years but only crossing roses with roses, tomatoes with tomatoes, plants of the same species. This is not GM. GM as the initials imply, is genetic. So for example the gene from an Artic fish might be put into a tomato so that they become frost resistant.

What’s wrong with that, after all we eat fish cooked with tomatoes? What’s wrong is that in the first place one is animal and one is vegetable, and secondly, this modification creates a new vibration.

Everything in the Universe vibrates, i.e. it has its own electro-magnetic field. Human beings and the earth are around 1-30 Hertz. If our natural field is disrupted than we become ill. This has been proved by studies going back to the early 1990’s on the effect of transmitters for mobile phones on people’s health, showing a rise in cancer, and Down’s Syndrome in pregnant women. This is because these EMF’s fit neither into ours or the planet’s wave band. The vibration or frequency of GM food will never fit into our pattern either and because we ingest it the resulting illnesses are far worse than those from microwave transmitters.

Added to this, the idea of GM was that it was resistant to everything and so it didn’t need to be sprayed with pesticides, but they seem to be using far more than farmers of non-GM crops as these 2 links show.

1. http://overgrowthesystem.com/argentina-the-country-that-monsanto-poisoned-photo-essay/

2. http://www.mintpressnews.com/argentinian-farmers-allege-monsanto-chemicals-poisoned-children/23922/

3. This third link is extremely useful: it also shows the results of animals fed on GM. http://www.naturalnews.com/037289_monsanto_corporations_ethics.html


Symptoms of GM Poisoning

The symptoms of GM poisoning range from digestive and reproductive disorders to liver failure, internal bleeding and immune system dysfunction. Over a period of time the very cells become distorted causing organ failure and death. It is also hereditary.

Initially the 2 remedies listed below may help as will my Rainbow Remedy for GM poisoning. I may also be able to help if it has got to the stage of deforming organs, especially in babies and children Naturalnews.com suggest that in cases of extreme emergency, when you need to get alkaline fast, mix 1/2 tsp cream of tartar in 8 oz. water and drink immediately. Arsenicum album relieves acute cases of vomiting and diarrhoea. It is useful after ingesting genetically modified organisms that may trigger a sensitive stomach producing symptoms similar to food poisoning.

Phosphorus should help in cases where there is internal bleeding or blood disorder related to side effects of GMO foods, especially those that produce Bt toxins, such as genetically modified corn.

For treatment from poisoning by the chemicals used to spray GM crops, you would need to seek professional help immediately.


What Other Harm Does GM Cause?

Land that has been used for GM crops is useless for anything else. Only reducing it to ashes will cleanse it and it would have to be the sort of heat generated by lava from an erupting volcano!

GM farming also destroys organic crops and so if a farmer starts growing GM crops near an organic farm, the organic farmer loses his licence, when in fact it should be the GM farmer from whom permission is withheld. This is an area to campaign for, by writing to your MP.


GM Baby Formula

At the time of writing (February 2015) I have not found any evidence of GM in UK baby formula but based on the foregoing information it does not have to be labelled. You should therefore check yourself with the company who makes your particular brand. In the USA, 3 brands of baby food contain GM ingredients, these are:

Gerber Good Start made by Nestle Similac made by Abbott Laboratories Enfamil by Mead Johnson.

This link may be of use. GMO Free Babies on Facebook

The treatment I offer for GM poisoning can be effected no matter what part of the globe you live in.


What Can we Do to Stop the Spread of GM

1. Join as many anti-GM campaigns as you can and write to your MP and your MEP saying you don’t want GM crops grown here as it has been proved that they are a danger to health and the environment. Tell them the law needs to be changed so that everything that is GM is labelled including oils. Raise the point about organic farmers losing their license. Tell your MP that you don’t want GM crops here AT ALL. 2. Write to the CEO of your favourite supermarket and tell him you want to see more organic food on the shelves and no GM, and that you want to see leaflets provided in-store on what they can guarantee are GM free foods. Boycotting GM foods got it kicked out of Europe because it was not a financially viable option. 3. Avoid all foods that are a potential GM hazard.

Quoting directly from http://www.responsibletechnology.org/10-Reasons-to-Avoid-GMOsBy avoiding GMOs, you contribute to the coming tipping point of consumer rejection, forcing them out of our food supply. ‘Because GMOs give no consumer benefits, if even a small percentage of us start rejecting brands that contain them, GM ingredients will become a marketing liability. Food companies will kick them out. In Europe, for example, the tipping point was achieved in 1999, just after a high profile GMO safety scandal hit the papers and alerted citizens to the potential dangers. In the US, a consumer rebellion against GM bovine growth hormone has also reached a tipping point, kicked the cow drug out of dairy products by Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Dannon, Yoplait, and most of America's dairies.’


Help the Planet

If we all buy organic there will not be enough to go around, so help by growing as much of your own organic food as you can. It is not only cheaper but helps the bees which are rapidly declining in numbers which can, in turn, cause a food shortage. Use any space, even if it is pots on the balcony. You can grow many vegetables in pots: carrots, potatoes, peas, runner beans and tomatoes to name a few! A flat roof is particularly good for this. If you work in a building with a flat roof get your boss to turn it into a garden. It helps everyone!

Get together with your friends to buy organic products in bulk from a wholesaler – it’s cheaper!

Make your own bread – it only takes 10 minutes! Using Dove Farm’s spelt recipe for Roman Style loaf, it takes just 5 minutes to mix the ingredients and another 5 to kneed it by hand (or stretch and fold) and then you put it in the airing cupboard from where it goes straight into the oven. So after 10 minutes attention you can forget about it! Spelt also has more protein than wheat or rye and is better for the digestion.

Opt for a simpler diet; it is probably better for you anyway. Gradually replace meat with beans, (Egyptian bean recipes are great and very simple), legumes, seaweed, nuts and seeds. You don’t have to get all your protein from your main meal. I replace part of the flour in my sponges with ground almonds. Linzertorte has a nut base and you can put nuts into the base of a savoury vegetable flan. For lunch, take beans and rice from the previous night’s meal, in a container, to work. It tastes better cold! I used to do this when I became allergic to wheat and dairy and being vegetarian had few options left! You can also make bean or lentil soup and take that hot in a flask to work the following day. Cube organic feta, add tomatoes, olive oil, herbs and a drop of apple cider vinegar - makes a nice lunch with extra salad and bread or Ryvita. Make pesto from broad beans, cheese, basil and olive oil, and Nigel Slater has a recipe for a mixed seed crumble topping, called Compost Crumble!

The www.cornishseaweedcompany.co.uk supply seaweed and have recipes on their site.

For information on remedies for GM poisoning click this link.

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