Darshan - (Blessing Service)

What Is Darshan?

Darshan is a spiritually enriched blessing which is conducted in silence. Although Darshan is a Sanskrit word, Darshan itself is not allied to any religion: it is just that other religions do not recognise it as such. Anyone who is spiritually evolved enough can give a blessing. Both Mother Theresa and Jesus did so.

What Happens During Darshan?

Darshan is conducted in silence and all you have to do is sit comfortably and do japa/meditation or whatever you find makes you feel relaxed. There is nothing else to do. Once Starlight feels that everyone is ready, she will join you. After a time you will be asked to come up and be blessed. (With individuals and small groups, she will come to you). When everyone has been blessed she will sit with you a little longer. She will then retire but you may sit as long as you wish. For group Darshan, refreshments are available afterwards and a chance to meet fellow travellers on the path.

Why Should I Come to Darshan?

During Darshan, the spiritual energy is extremely high, and this is the quickest way to awaken spiritual awareness and to help those already on the path to progress further. The energy, like healing energy, works individually on each recipient, and like water, finds it own level.

Will I Feel Anything?

Because the energy of Darshan works individually with each person, than the individual response will be different. Some people feel a deep sense of peace or are elevated into spiritual bliss, others feel tearful as blocks they have been holding on to, evaporate. Occasionally nothing is felt immediately but the energy manifests the next day, maybe as a feeling or in the positive outcome of a situation

How Do I Know if Darshan is Right for Me?

If you are unsure, than call Starlight and ask her. She will know instantly if the time is right for you. All Darshan has to be pre-booked and Starlight takes the bookings herself to ensure that everyone who attends, understands, and is comfortable, with what, for many, is a new experience.

When and Where is Darshan?

There are two major Darshans. One is over Easter on both the Friday and the Sunday with another around Solstice/ChristMass time. Exact dates and locations will be announced on my Facebook page, or you can send an email asking to be kept updated. During the rest of the year, Starlight offers one-to-one Darshan and is also happy to book small groups.

Absent Darshan

This is offered during Easter and ChristMass for those people who cannot attend personally because of illness or distance (or because we are fully booked). If you require absent Darshan, please phone or email with your name and address.

What Does Darshan Cost?

Dashan is on a donation basis, but, for obvious reasons, minimums have to be set. For Easter, ChristMass and group Darshan, the suggested minimum donation is £15.00.

For one-to-one Darshan, £30.

For absent Darshan the amount is left entirely to the discretion of the individual.

Please phone 0121 477 0495 for more information
or email starlightdevi@yahoo.co.uk

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