Self-Healing Meditation


Dear Aspirants

You may wish to develop spiritually but do not have the time. You may be a busy executive or a mother of small children. You wish to be happy, peaceful and content but have not the time to put in hours and hours of meditation. So I have devised a simple system of combined self-healing and meditation. This not only takes very little time to perform but is also very easy to do. It will make you feel happy, peaceful and content and will help you to grow spiritually in a gentle manner.

But I have also devised this method for another reason. Out of all the negative emotions a human being can feel, the one that causes the most destruction is hatred. Hatred will damage our heart to such a degree that nothing can be done and we will die, often prematurely. Think about it for a moment. Your life and your destiny is in your own hands. Picture what it would be like to find that you had made yourself so ill from negative emotion that you had to leave the earth many years before you expected to, leaving behind your friends, family, possibly small children. Think of all the things you want to do for humanity and now you are unable to. Yet, with this simple self-healing meditation you can change all that, for, as it balances out all the chakras, it will cause the heart to open. Spiritual love will flow in and out of you so that you will not only heal yourself but change the balance of the world for the better. Because this is a self-healing meditation, if we do it daily, it will clear the negative energy away from our chakras and leave them and us feeling fresh and clean.

So now I will explain this simple method.

Sit on the floor either cross-legged or Japanese style. Have your palms resting upturned on your thighs. Close your eyes and as you breathe in think of the word peace, as you breathe out think of the word love. You will need to do this until your breathing slows down and you feel peaceful. Raise your hands a little so that they are not touching your body. You should then feel a warmth or tingling sensation in them, especially in the palms. When this feeling becomes strong, place your hands on the base of your spine and say in your mind:-

*Beloved Father, please balance my desires in accordance with Your will**Amen

Next move your hands to either side of your body so that your hands are resting on your waist, (the left hand should be roughly over the spleen and the right over the liver), and say,

*Beloved Father, please purify my energies in accordance with Your will. ** Amen.

Next place your hands on your abdomen/solar plexus, and say,

*Beloved Father, please balance out my emotional feelings, in accordance with Your will. **Amen.

Next move on to your heart chakra which is in the centre of your chest and say,

*Beloved Father, please fill my heart with unconditional love, in accordance with Your will. **Amen.

Next, move on to the throat chakra and say,

*Beloved Father, please let me speak only words of love and comfort, in accordance with Your will. **Amen.

On the third eye, which is between your eyebrows, place your hands and say:-

*Beloved Father, please give me self-understanding in accordance with Your will. **Amen.

Lastly, on the crown chakra, which is on the top of your head, place your hands and say,

*Beloved Father, let my spirit become one with your spirit, in accordance with Your will. **Amen.

Leave your hands on each chakra until you feel you wish to move on. If the energy in your hands stops then hold them out, palm upward, not touching your body, and the energy will come back into them.

When you have finished the last chakra, rest your hands on your thighs again, thank G-d for the healing, ask for his protection (very important this) get up slowly and go on with your day. Your eyes should be closed throughout the whole self-healing meditation, although you may have to open your eyes from time to time over the first few days, until you can remember where to place your hands, along with the appropriate words.

Depending on your faith, you may wish to change Beloved Father to Mother, Divine Mother, Virgin Mary, Lord Jesus, Lord Krishna, Allah, Creator or whatever you wish to call the Source of All Life.

**For those who find Amen, ‘old fashioned’, this word can also be replaced with the phrase, ‘under grace in perfect ways’.

A book will shortly be available giving these instructions along with pictures. I also teach groups of people how to perform this simple, but effective self-healing meditation. If you would like me to teach you, then please ring the number below for details.

This self-healing meditation is also ideal for teaching to prisoners as it will go a long way towards negating their violent tendencies, giving them a feeling of self-worth and transforming their lives forever. For more advice, please contact Holy Mother.

A teaching session can be arranged at most locations if it is combined with Darshan and provided numbers are large enough.