Global Warming and the Revenge of Gaia

When I was a small child and my mother used to walk me to school in Central London, I used to see a man with a sandwich board which stated that the end of the world was nigh. Over the years I have seen similar men, in various places, with a similar message. Well, you know what they say? If you place your roulette chips on the same number, eventually it will come up, and more than 50 years on it looks like we’re heading for the jackpot. People who know me know that I’m not one to take on board world end disaster scenarios. With the anthrax and bird ‘flu scares, my answer was that there are homoeopathic remedies for that, including bubonic plague, but this is different – it’s called Global Warming and it could destroy us all. We all know the basics. Greenhouse gases from fuel emissions (CO2) cause a hole in the ozone layer which lets in more ultra-violet light, which raises the temperature. This melts the polar ice cap, which raises the level and temperature of the seas, destroying coral reefs which we need because they reduce CO2. More warm moisture rises, leaving a gap, which is filled by cooler air swirling in, which warms up and also rises and the cycle continues and forms a cyclone. This is one of the reasons why we are getting extreme weather patterns with devastating results. So, to sum up, Global Warming means that we lose forest due to bush fires and flooding, crops too and cold water fish as they die due to higher water temperatures. Loss of trees increases CO2 and so the cycle continues. Loss of habitat means destruction and decline in wildlife. Less insects especially bees which are needed to pollinate crops, creating food shortages. You probably say that this is nothing new and you’ve heard it all before, yawn, yawn, but did you know there is a gas that is at least 10 times more destructive than CO2? It’s called Methane and it lies beneath the seabed. To access it, a process is used called hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and during the process some of the methane escapes into the atmosphere. So what of a few molecules of methane, I hear you ask? That isn’t the main problem: no, the main problem is that the process causes earthquakes under the sea and triggers tsunamis. Methane, when it comes into contact with oxygen, ignites, so the tsunami is alight! The underwater earthquake could trigger others, releasing vast quantities of methane (there are 700,000 trillion cubic feet of it; more than all the oil and gas that has ever been discovered), with the result that we end up being – toast!



There are many ways that you can help save the planet. Many of them take neither time nor money. In fact many may actually save you money.



The UK wastes 15 million tonnes of food a year, 7 million of that comes from households. Much of it ends up on landfill sites which give off methane, thereby adding to global warming. Only buy what you need. If you realise you have bought too much, freeze it if you can, if not, compost it yourself. If you make a list of what you need instead of just buying food at random you’ll be saving money and saving the planet as we import 90% of our food, so buying less food means less imports, and that means less road haulage and therefore less fuel which equals less CO2 emissions. Try and buy food that isn’t packaged, it also works out cheaper if items are loose because you can buy as little as you want. Use your own cotton/linen bags for shopping. They are cheap. The ones I use I bought 7 years ago! Recycle everything! Try and grow as much fruit and vegetables as you can. It’s easy enough (I used to have an allotment so I know). You can have an old style cottage garden where you grow your vegetables in-between the flowers. This also attracts more insects and so there’ll be no need for pesticides. If you’re worried about it spoiling the look of your garden, remember that at this rate you’ll have neither your garden nor your life! And if you’re tired at the end of the day, I guarantee that 20 minutes in the garden will make you feel energised and restore you far more than flopping down in front of the TV can ever do! And if you don’t have a garden you can grow food in tubs, items that grow upright like peas, runner beans, I even had a neighbour who grew huge tomatoes in his window box. Use less heating. If you’re cold put a sweater on and don’t heat rooms you don’t use. In winter, when the night-time temperature drops below 4 degrees, leave the central heating on the lowest setting, it works out cheaper because the boiler doesn’t have to heat up from a cold start. Use less water, both hot and cold (because hot water uses fuel and the distribution and treatment of drinking water consumes huge amounts of energy and releases enormous amounts of CO2). Don’t let the tap run when you’re brushing your teeth; only fill the kettle with the amount of water you actually need and if you are on your own, get a one cup electric kettle. I boil water for tea in a stainless steel saucepan because it is cheaper and healthier than using a kettle and a friend of mine makes a flask of black tea, which lasts her all day, (you put the milk in after otherwise it tastes funny!). Put a brick in the toilet cistern and if you have a bath use the water to wash delicates and don’t throw it away, use it to chuck down the loo instead of flushing it and/or put a water butt under the downpipe to catch bath and washing machine water which you can use for your garden in the hot summers. Use energy saving light bulbs and don’t leave lights on when not needed. Turn appliances off when not in use and don’t leave them on stand-by. Solar panels are another option. All homes should be fitted with them. See this site before you buy! You will also find that your energy company will come in and check your home for efficiency for free. Don’t use the car if you can walk, cycle or take public transport. Car share whenever you can.



Plant trees. These help counteract global warming. Plant them at the bottom of your garden and if you haven’t space than plant shrubs. If you haven’t a garden then any plant in a pot on your balcony or window box will help. Donate whatever you can to help save the rainforest. Raise money to plant trees by holding Bring and Buy Sales, Jumble Sales etc. Get in touch with the following pressure groups and organisations.


Anti-Fracking Pressure Groups



We also need to urge companies to look at alternative ways of producing power; water being the obvious choice, just look at the power of the waves! With all the technology we have, don’t tell me one can’t find a way to harness it. Then there is the perpetual motion theory where power is generated using gravity and so it doesn’t cost anything. The energy companies are not interested in developing these because they won’t make money at it! I actually met someone many years ago who had developed such an apparatus and, as he had invented other things, I am sure it worked. But he wouldn’t patent it as he feared for his life. Now this information is on the net.



We’ve dealt with global warming and what it causes; and we’ve dealt with the terrifying possibilities of a mis-managed hydraulic fracturing field. There is no doubt that fracturing causes earthquakes but they have been on the rise before this method started, and are not due to Global Warming. No, this is Gaia’s Revenge! For the spiritually aware among us, you all know that the planet is a being that has a spirit, as we all do, and the way she is being used is tantamount to abuse. Oil is her life blood, the rainforests her lungs. She doesn’t mind us taking if we do it the Red Indian Way. They take only what they need, and they all share and help each other. But, since the Second World War, which my grandmother told me was a time when everyone forgot their class differences and all supported each other, greed has taken over and the more we have the more we want. Yet, having will not make us happy, only inner peace with ourselves, others and the planet will do this. The planet responds to the way we all feel, our emotions, and many today are angry as can be; witnessed by the increase in wars, terrorist attacks, murders and gun related incidents, the last 3 being virtually unheard of when I was a child in the 50’s. As energy does not dissipate (as can be envisioned in accident black spots where the negative energy causes more accidents), but can only be transformed, so Gaia is mirroring us. After all, just look at the mechanics of a volcanic eruption. Heat starts deep down and when it becomes too much to bear, it explodes, spilling out in lava and an ash cloud. What happens when we feel angry? It starts deep within us until we can’t keep the lid on any longer and then explodes in verbal abuse or physical violence. Also anger is heat and that is also adding to global warming.



Those of us who meditate (and I include those of you who would like to) can help the planet during your daily meditation by imagining a green light around her and send her love from your heart. Just five minutes a day from all of us will make a difference. This will cool her down and help disperse the excess CO2. And for newcomers, if you doubt that thought can change matter, than see Lynn McTaggett’s ‘Intention Experiment’: And you don’t have to do deep meditation to help out. Just a very simple version, which I call ‘japa,’ which can be found on my Inner Peace video clip. If we are to save the planet, it is imperative that we share this information, on all levels, both practical and spiritual. To help people understand that we are here to serve and give, that there is joy in both of these, and to be able to love others spiritually is the greatest way forward for mankind. Starlight Devi


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