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Most of us have heard of guru's, the noun automatically conjuring up an image of an emaciated man in a loin cloth, holding court under a shady tree in an Indian village. So when faced with the concept of a female western guru, well the mind probably boggles!

Whatever expectations one has of Starlight Devi, it is unlikely to be that of a mature woman, dressed in everyday clothes. But from the outside, that is how she appears, quite unremarkable, until you see the laughter and Light that fills her eyes, her smile and the warmth and power that emanates from her presence, power that has been a lifetime in the making.

And these powers of hers have come at a high price.

Born in the 1950's to a Jewish dysfunctional family, at the age of 3 she had a spiritual experience in which she understood that G-d was the only Reality. From that point on her course on the spiritual path was set, yet fraught with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. At the age of 5 she told her mother she wanted to become a nun. This idea was immediately quashed. Starlight Devi says, 'It was fortunate my mother never mentioned it to my father, otherwise it is unlikely that I would be alive today to tell the tale, such was the prejudice against anyone or anything that wasn't Jewish. When at the age of 4 I realised that Jesus was the Messiah, I wisely kept it to myself.'

Starlight Devi has, in many ways, had a life that was considered normal: marriage, children, divorce, to which can be added poverty, mental and physical abuse and homelessness. She says, 'sometimes the suffering was more than I could bear, but I just kept going, believing that this could not be happening to me without a reason, that I must be good for something. Often it was only remembering my visions that spurred me on: spending a whole day in a state of spiritual bliss; seeing the whole sky filled with the face of The Virgin Mary and experiencing lying out amongst the stars. Later I was rewarded by seeing and speaking to The Lord Jesus Christ and feeling his incredible energy, followed by experiencing the Love of G-d and hearing His voice.'

Starlight Devi continued meditating all the hours that G-d sent, the hardest being whilst she was bringing up her 2 children on her own, when the house was like a permanent battleground, but she understood that these experiences were to help her empathise with the plight of others who also wanted the spiritual path and had little time, tied down by family and work. Her circumstances meant that she devised new ways to squeeze a few minutes here and there, and adapted meditation so that it could be performed whilst doing household tasks or even standing in a supermarket queue, because, she says, 'not a minute should be lost, for once gone, it has gone for all eternity.'

Few people understand the concept of an avatar and think that someone who can hear the voice of G-d will not be concerned with the everyday problems of others, but the reverse is true. Starlight Devi says, 'it was to help people understand the reasons for their suffering, and to give relief wherever I could, that I came into this life, irrespective of whether the problem is something small that keeps recurring like migraine and so in the end the sufferer is totally distraught, or whether the illness is severe even terminal.'

When you speak to Starlight Devi she will instantly empathise with you and your suffering. You will also find her non-judgmental, no matter what you have done. Starlight Devi says, 'when someone has gone against Divine Law, has committed some grievous act, that is between them and G-d, it is nothing to do with me. I am only here to steer them onto the right path and advise them how best to mitigate their karma.'

Therefore no one should be afraid to contact her. Indeed, one should take comfort and find inspiration in the knowledge that here is someone who can experience G-d, a phenomenon that people generally relegate to the days of Jesus and the Prophets.

Starlight's many years of training, not only on the spiritual path but in natural medicine, allow her to take 'holistic' to an entirely new level. She looks at the whole person from a spiritual, universal, multi-level viewpoint. In practical terms it can consist of looking at our progress from our very first incarnation or even before, to what we need to achieve on a spiritual/soul/karmic level, right through to its manifestation at the everyday mental, emotional and physical. To this end she makes up her own spiritual essences. She has a depth and insight that allows her to offer advice, treatment and teaching that practically no one else in the Western world can provide."

Individual advice and guidance is only a part of her work. Because of the state of the world, Starlight Devi has, for many years, spent a great deal of time in retreat, meditating for the good of the world. This can be anything from a few days, to several weeks or months. If you would like to donate to Starlight's absent work for world peace, please click here. Thank you.

If you wish to contact Starlight Devi, please go to the contact page for details, and if you are nervous about speaking to her, as some people are, don’t be. You will find her warm and understanding. She holds everyone in her heart from the first which accounts for some people feeling better for just having spoken to her. Just remember to respectfully address her as Devi. You’ll be glad you did!

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