Holistic Treatment for Severe Conditions


Today, nearly everyone is suffering from something. It is, unfortunately, part and parcel of our society. The stress of earning enough money to keep ourselves and our families; pollution in our food, and the very air we breathe, not to mention the invisible variety from microwave ovens, mobile phones and electricity pylons, right down to GM food which is now unlabelled in our shops.........and that’s before we start adding karma from past lives!

We can, of course, help ourselves in many ways. Learning to relax, stop worrying about matters, eating organic, changing our lifestyle, binning the microwave and the mobile phone, even changing our jobs and our relationships, moving to the country where the air is purer........ but sometimes not even major lifestyle changes work, and we become struck down with a severe and intractable disease or one that no one can diagnose, and one where neither conventional nor natural medicine can alleviate the condition.

And that’s where I come in. I specialise in conditions that are generally termed, ‘incurable’ and have even helped people rejected by others because their karma was so heavy it was felt that nothing could be done.

How can I do this? I have been able to heal for over 50 years and have undertaken strict spiritual discipline for the last 30 coupled with a study of metaphysics, which allows me to see into all levels of being and correct imbalances by working on the subtle bodies. This is effected outside time and space and so, as a rule, clients do not need to see me personally. This has given me experience and deep insight along with abilities which allow me, in some cases to mitigate people’s karma.

I can’t, of course, promise to cure you, I am not able to help everyone, but it is rare that I am unable to improve someone’s condition, even if it is only teaching you strategies to deal with it, helping you to change your perspectives and in some cases speeding up karma to ensure that you get a better re-birth than would otherwise be the case.

So why not ring or email today? After all, asking if I can help will cost you nothing!

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