Rainbow Remedies

Rainbow Remedies are a new range of natural vibrational essences that are designed to clear away depression and negative energy from around you and within you, and in so doing, allows you the time and vision to see what is blocking your progress, i.e. childhood trauma, past lives or present circumstances.

These remedies may not clear the condition indefinitely, although they may do, but aim to give you a window of opportunity and to see matters in a clearer light. Rainbow Remedies are vibrational, all individually made, preservative free, and best suited to people who are uplifted by nature, be it a sunset, a waterfall or a rainbow! These remedies have been 25 years in the making and are made to resonate with your individual vibration, so no two are the same. They are not available in the shops.  

Remedies cost £25 per 10 ml bottle, which includes a consultation of up to 15 minutes. For an additional bottle, giving you three months supply, add £10.


Peace and Tranquillity

Ideal as an aid to meditation and will also help in stressful situations. A 6-8 week supply £25.00.


Ladies Special Remedy

Formulated to clear away the mental and emotional effects of rape and sexual abuse, even prolonged abuse. Such an episode doesn’t just make us ill, but it often affects our whole lives, so that nothing seems to go right afterwards even with seeming unconnected events. This is because the energy from such an assault hangs over us like a cloud. My Ladies Special Remedy is formulated especially to deal with this. Cost depends on length of consultation.


Ladies Special Remedy Formula 2

Specifically for rape which leads to pregnancy, and all its attendant feelings. Cost depends on length of consultation.

You might also like to purchase a copy of my book Ladies Only, which deals with all aspects of feminine ailments. £2.95 at www.starlightdevi-books.co.uk.


Pearl Lustre

A remedy for badly damaged skin either from burns or lacerations. This is an internal remedy that works to repair cell damage. Cost £35 for 2 months supply with up to 15 free minutes consultation.


Chakra Balancing Remedies

Seven Chakra Vibrational Remedy with balance your chakras but will also highlight a blockage that needs working on. Suitable for those who are working to clear trauma. Cost £25. Eight Chakra Vibrational Remedy is designed for those who are ultra sensitive and pick up energies wherever they go and for those who are high on the spiritual path and get attacked by dark forces. This remedy is designed to close the chakra. Cost £25. Twelve Chakra Vibrational Remedy is for those who are above Spiritual Master and are developing chakras above the head which can cause temporary loss of balance, feeling of sickness and other effects whilst the body copes with the spiritualisation of its cells. Cost £25.


Anti-Anger Rainbow Remedy

Losing one’s temper when we’ve really had enough is natural: it’s human nature after all and acts as a fail-safe. The danger comes when it is a frequent occurrence as such strong emotions not only damage the heart but poison the environment of those around us. Equally, repressing our anger is just as harmful. It has to come out somewhere and if it doesn’t, the result can be anything from a stroke to depression and nervous breakdown. My Anti-anger remedy helps to diffuse your anger, safely. However, one needs to get to the root of it, and you might find my free e-book, Soul Journey, useful, especially the japa exercise. Cost of remedy is £25 with up to 15 minutes free consultation. Additional time is as follows. Remedy with ½ hour consultation £40, one hour £75.


Remedies For Mental Health

Chakra Remedies are available for those who have mental problems at all levels including those exhibiting signs of severe violence and can be ordered third party. Price depending on complexity. See also my book:- Depression, Food and Homoeopathy priced £2.95. Details at www.starlightdevi-books.co.uk.


Vibrational Flower Remedies

These are to promote:-Compassion, Celibacy, Endurance, Faith, Harmony, Hope, Humility, Modesty, Morality, Nobility, Purity, Sacred Sex, Sacred/Spiritual Love, Strength, Courage, Tranquillity, Virtue and Wisdom.These are all individually made to fit in with the person's vibration so no too are alike even if the ingredients are the same.

Cost £17.50.


Detoxifying Vibrational Remedies

To de-tox from anti-biotics, EMF pollution, exhaust fumes, aluminium and Teflon, addictions and for children born addicted. All individually made, all natural and preservative free. Combinations available.

Cost £17.50. All remedies are made to your individual vibration, no two are alike and they are not available in the shops!


Remedies for GM Poisoning

GM food is now unlabelled in our shops (although by law it is not supposed to be. For more info click this Link.

GM products alter our DNA, causing cell mutation, organ failure and death, and it is hereditary. If you have consumed GM products, or are not sure if you have and want me to find out, this is offered free of charge.

The actual process of restoring your DNA depends on how badly you are affected. Cost will depend on how severe the problem is. Please phone or email for more information. Details on contact page.


Evening Light

Evening Light is an essence for those who through illness, are leaving this world. It brings calmness to the last days and opens up the spiritual awareness, allowing them to be easily received by their loved ones and guides into the spiritual realms. This is a very special remedy and like all the others in my range, is made to suit the individual’s vibration.

Two weeks supply £35.00


After Dark

No, not a brand of chocolate! but a remedy to deal with the physical and mental effects of being attacked by the forces of darkness. In some cases, depending on the entity, it may actually remove it. Take one immediately on sensing a ‘presence.’ This is a very special remedy and like all the others in my range, is made to suit the individual’s vibration.

Two weeks supply £15.00 for 25 tasteless melt-in-the-mouth tablets.


How the Remedies are Made

Everything in the Universe is made up of Light, Sound and Mathematical formulae, whether it is animal, vegetable or mineral. Eventually this manifests in the physical realms as ears of corn, a crystal etc. Once I have chosen the correct remedy for you, I replicate this formulae, at its original vibrational level, and disperse it in mineral water which accounts for it being tasteless and odourless. This means of preparation ensures that the remedy is in its highest and most purest form.



Remedies need to be kept in the fridge, as they do not contain preservative. They should last for 6-8 weeks, sometimes longer. If they appear cloudy or taste sour, than they have exceeded their shelf life and should not be ingested. Tablets should be kept in a cool dark place, a bedroom drawer is ideal.


All remedies are made to resonate with your individual vibration, so no two are the same. They are not available in the shops. All prices include postage & packaging.

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